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Frequently Asked Questions....

Q. What is a unit ?

A. Units typically describe how an item is sold.

For example: A Card of 12 equals 1 unit, but there are 12 key chains in that unit. The price shown is for a full UNIT. We do not sell less than the unit size.
Q. What is 'Dealer Price' ?
A. Dealers are retail stores that purchase from us and stock our products - contact our sales team for details.
Q. Do you offer wholesale prices, How do I open a wholesale account ?

A. Yes, qualified retailers, manufacturers, schools, institution and volume users can get specially discounted volume wholesale prices.

Contact us at 1-800 332-5397 for complete details, or register here.

 Q. Our company/organization is tax exempt will we be charged tax ?
A. Only if you are in New York State. All other states, we do not currently collect sales tax. If you are in NY, Continue ordering online, the cart will charge the sales tax, then please complete and return a ST-120 Resale Certificate and we can take the tax off your order. (please note we cannot ship your order tax exempt without this form) You may fax this to 631-261-5364
Q. How long will it take to get my order ?

A. Orders a typically filed the day the are received, however, in some situations it can take up to 2 business days to ship your order.

You will receive an email upon shipment. Click for UPS approximate transit times. US Mail may take longer to arrive.

Q. What is your email address ?
A. Our primary email is: sales @ avcokey.com (thanks to spammers you will have to remove the spaces on either side of the @)
Q. Do you make special or custom key chains ?
A. Yes, call us for details.
Q. Do you provide free shipping ?
A. Orders over $ 100.00 shipped within the contintenal US are shipped freight free. (except key machines and displays)
Q. Do you do custom engraving ?
A. Yes call us for details - 1-800 332-5397
Q. Do you do engraved signs ?
A. Yes, please call us with your requirements. We can do any sign up to 24" x 48" and as small as you need.
Q. Is there a minimum order ?
A. There is no minimum dollar amount. Many item require you purchase a full unit, for example a card of 12.
Q. How do I cancel an order ?
A. Once you click 'place order' it is immediately entered into our system. Please call us right away and we *may* be able to cancel.
Q. The key blank prices seem high ?
A. The base price is for 1 key, There are quantity discounts available for as little as 10 pieces, simply click the 'more info' button to see the actual discounts.
Q. I need your W-9 ?
A. If you need our W9 you can find it by clicking HERE


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